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Applause please…

Posted in - Off-topic on January 20th 2014 0 Comments

Now here at The Vintage Photobooth Company, we’re not averse to a bit of a DIY project… So when Mrs Photobooth wandered by a theatre in Soho and saw a picture of a vintage style ‘Applause’ sign and mentioned she’d love one of them, it got us thinking… Two weeks later and a few hours of painting and minor electrical wizardry and there you have it: a motion-sensitive Applause sign that lights up when someone walks past. It’s currently in the Vintage Photobooth HQ’s kitchen, but will feature prominently at some of the upcoming Improv4 events in Canterbury.

Applause on Applause off


And yes, that is a crate of lovely pear cider holding the corner down whilst the glue goes off…

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