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5 Reasons Why You NEED a Photobooth..

Posted in - Featured & Parties & Photobooth & Weddings on June 12th 2013 0 Comments

A few weeks ago we helped to write an ebook article about the rise of the photobooth for the fabulous online blog Wedspiration. The whole thing should be up and available soon, but below is a short excerpt about the reasons why you NEED a photobooth at your wedding…

1.) It is a fantastic icebreaker:

Nothing brings guests to the same level as getting dressed up together. From early-adopters to reluctant, sober relatives, a photobooth gets everybody involved – from commenting on other guests’ outfits to trying out and perfecting a look of your own. Everyone is going to have a go, and without a doubt, it will get everybody talking…

2.) It provides a unique record of your guests and your wedding day:

A wedding photographer does all of the formal shots: the awkward family photos, the fixed grins and cheesy clichés. The photobooth is something different altogether. Behind that curtain, shy & reserved relatives become camera-loving divas, grandmothers grab available young men for a ‘kiss me quick’ snap and children are captivated by the photos dropping into view.

3.) You can use the booth pictures as favours for guests to take away:

Stuck with what to give your guests as a wedding favour? You can personalise photo strips/prints with a message & date and give your guests a brilliant way of remembering your special day. Better still, modern digital booths will store all the images for you, so you get to keep all the pictures your guests take away.

4.) You can create an amazing message book / guestbook album with the photos:

The photos you get from the booth can be put into a book on the night for guests to write messages or caption their photographs – it will make a fantastic memento of your big day and will be shown off to people for years to come.

5.) A photobooth will entertain your guests for hours at an evening or afternoon reception:

Without doubt, it will be THE talking point of your wedding day (well, alongside how beautiful the bride looks, of course…)

Glad we had a photobooth

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