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Becoming Mr and Mrs Booth

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Our photobooth moments

Our photobooth moments

Two years ago today, I woke up to a sun filled morning, pancakes and the prospect of marrying my best friend. It also sparked something in both of us that would lead us to today…

After nosing through Pinterest one August afternoon in 2013 in preparation for our upcoming wedding the following October, I noticed I had been ‘followed’ by The Vintage Photobooth Company. As I swooned through the images of their beautiful photobooth – a vintage styled booth of gorgeousness – I quickly phoned my fiance to explain my new found desperation to have this vintage booth as part of our big day. I was head over heels in love with it and automatically emailed Simon, the owner of the company.

Looking suitably romantic

Looking suitably romantic

Our bespoke booth poster

Our bespoke booth poster

It all got a little too emotional...

It all got a little too emotional…

It took some persuading my fiance as our budget was almost stretched as it was but I got there in the end. The deposit for the photobooth was paid and my excitement for our wedding day steadily built with each day.

After twelve years together and our gorgeous three year old little boy, our wedding was the icing on the cake. It was filled with everything that made us ‘us’ from toasting our marriage with Coca Cola in glass bottles to Krispy Kreme doughnuts as our cake. We married one another on Saturday 26th October 2013 on a perfect autumnal day. The pumpkins were lit, the sun shone all day and our favourite people helped us celebrate.

Pumpkins on your wedding day equal autumnal perfection

Pumpkins on your wedding day equal autumnal perfection

Erm, Krispy Kremes as wedding cake? I don't mind if I do, good Sir.

Erm, Krispy Kremes as wedding cake? I don’t mind if I do, good Sir.

Seeing the photobooth all set up as I ventured around the venue before the wedding began, was a sight to behold. With its ‘Photos’ sign brightly lit and the red velvet curtains draping luxuriously at its entrance, I wanted to get in straight away. It wasn’t until later on in the evening when the booth opened. Our guests moved swiftly between the dance floor and the photobooth, dressing themselves up as dinosaurs, gorillas and the yeti and donning numerous hats including many a large sombrero!

Nothing wrong with a feather boa, especially a bright pink one!

Nothing wrong with a feather boa, especially a bright pink one!

A gorilla and dinosaur

A gorilla and dinosaur

Sombreos and glasses...who wouldn't be smiling?

Sombreos and glasses…who wouldn’t be smiling?

However, even after the day was over, it wasn’t long before our love of vintage and all things photoboothing was reignited and lead to us both being involved in the day-to-day running of The Vintage Photobooth Company. It means we get to immerse ourselves in taking silly photos on a regular basis! What more could a girl ask for?


We totally and completely pride ourselves on being full of vintage fun and making sure that, essentially, you have as much fun in one of our three vintage styled photobooths as we all had on our wedding day. The costumes, vintage hats, ‘old lady’ glasses and our famous Moustacharium all allowed our friends to have an absolute ball in our booth creating some of our most favourite memories from our wedding day. Finding the photos of my grandparents dressed up on Facebook the following day have never made me laugh so much.


Grandparents working the booth


Joanne + Tom-40IMG_4743

So, two years since the day the booths came into our lives and we are have become fully fledged boothateers. The vintageness, the booths themselves and our newfound love and appreciation of all things photo-related have allowed us to continue making The Vintage Photobooth Company the best and most amazing of booth companies so that you can accumulate the most awesome of memories as part of your big day as well.


Venue – Hayne Barn House

Photographer – Fleur Challis

Photobooth – The Vintage Photobooth Company

Dress – Signature Brides

Suits – Slaters

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